circle lenses..
forgot to add..
i won a lottery!!! AYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY.. like the first time i EVER won ANYTHING.
anyways i get two pairs of circle lenses..
which ones should i choose?
btw. for GEO brand only ><

It's been a while since i posted..
and theres probably noone that reads it haha ^^ sigh ==
anyways yes as the subject suggests.. im going to talk about hypnotherapy..
for those that dont know its the whole.. ''stare at this while i swing it back and forth and click..''
anyways i'm going to get hypnotherapy done. and it's to help me forget some bad memories..uhm.
i dont really know what else to say?
any got some tips on other ways to quickly and efficiently lose your memory?

ALSO. there's this piano piece thats really really gorgeous and lots of people cant find the link to it..
so i'll put it here./

it's from a korean drama called shining inheritance and its the piece theat eun woo plays for his sister eun sung.

explanation for absence.
havent posted here for about a day or two. but i thought if i was going to be all depressed and everything, there's no point for me to post >..< so the next time i post, hopefully ill be a little more optomistic and happy(:

tata for now. xx

p.s. the song is absolutely GORGEOUS! but its a love song..

nephews place.

i'm at my nephews place right now. HES SO ADORABLE(: btw he's 1(: but yeahh im baking a cake.. and right now looking for a cake recipe.. and i just found out that he did a number 2.. so.. hmmm ):  anyways im gna go google some recipes(:

and plastic surgery. found some alternatives, so gna try that now.
ex bf. havent found an alternative.. still trying to try that (: ?
if we have time i may add more or do another post(:

ok tata for now.

p.s. nephew is the boy version yes?

hair bleaching.
 well i bleached my hair again today.. its been like the 16th time in the past month.. i did it consecutively for a few days in hong kong.. actually.. more than once a day.. hmm. yeah NOT a good idea. but my hair now resembles more of a haystack.. but its become an addiction now(: hahaha..

anyways a warning to people that wanna bleach their hair to ash blonde or white or silver &c..

1. deep condition your hair the day or two days before..
2. when bleach.. use 30 or 40 for frst time (maybe for virgin hair also) or use 20 or 30
3. use toner or purple/blue shampoo to wash out.
4. wash out with toner again leaving for 3-5 minutes..
5. DEEEEEEEEEEP condition.

ok when i do my bleaching its WAAAY hard on the hair.. so if i were you i wouldnt listen to me >.<

anyways thats all. been out and about these past few days so not much net time xP 

OH and i discovered picnik (: its cool, you should try it!


good morning.. or afternoon since it's 1pm.. woke up about two hours ago. feeling slightly better, but still shit.

anyways. i was looking at circle lenses today. >.< kyaa so cutee.
anyways... yeah. just thought id update. plus i have a dentist appointment later >.< and im staying over at a mates place tonight so i wont be going on.. >.< so tata 


again. i feel so pathetic trying to cling onto him. i was the one that said break up. so why am i the one thats heart broken? he doesnt even seem fazed. and thats what hurts the most. but then again.. i guess people dont break up because theyre happily in love. i dont even know if i love him. i think i just love the idea of him. always listening to me. and always there. it was so convenient. so what am i supposed to do?

i think ill go continue with my cry now.

liposuction, liposculpture,, plastic surgery, ...
yess.. read the subject and then start yelling at me..

honestly speaking i have seriously considered this for a long time now.. well not really.. if you count the fleeting thoughts you have about being gorgeous as ''consideration''. uhm.. anyways. tonight ive been thinking quite seriously about it.. :/ so i did a little bit of reasearch.. and i found that liposcultpture is better than liposuction.. that boob jobs can look natural.. and well.. just a lot of things..

but ill tell you my prrob.
height: 150cm ishh.
weight: fluctuates between 44-47kg.
and my boobs.. eh. b cup.. yes.. its depressing. :/

anyways.. just thought id share. cos plastic surgery's looking  REAL good atm >.<

a new leaf?
I know ive said this a lot.. but this time i am actually going to try really really really hard to turn a new leaf and start over.

so the boy i was talking about before.. wait.. we should give him a name.. uhm. lets call him uhm.. "TERRAN" if you wanna know what it means.. >>

yes.. i googled "name break hearts" ok.. i know. its sad AND grammatically incorrect.. so shut up.

i keep getting distracted.. i think ive already been writing this blod for like 15 minutes and this is all i have to show for it.. anyways back to terran, uhm, well my friend who is practivally my sister called him up and talked to him last night to try and sort everything out.. then i found out and called him.. yes.. BAD idea.. RELLY BAD idea.. he said "i just want to be friends" and all that. ergh well a LOT of stuff happened.. and yeah. so i made up my mind last night when i had a guy confess to me.. actually he said " i love you, and i dont want you touching anyone else" it was actually pretty sweet.. anyways.. we were both drunk.. actually 'I' was drunk, he was tipsy.. but yeahh. he said a lot of nice things. its flattering actually.

oh well. anyways this morning it was just awkward.. :/ we both kinda pretended we didnt know what happened.. mm.. but yeah . i got really off track.. uhm.. yeahh well i decided then that i was going to forget about terran, and move on. and for real this time.. i hope i can. HELP ANYONE?? and im not going to cry in public again. or in front of ANYONE. which is going to be REALLY REALLY hard cos im such a crybaby ): but if anyones got anytips and stuff yeah.. email or msn me..


OMBOMBOMBOMBOMB. [btw that's BUDDHA if you didnt know.. i'm part buddhist part christian] yeahh it doesnt really work.. i know..

anyways.. i found out something AMAZING TODAYY! well anyways i got woken up at 7.44am this morning. yess, i checked my phone and remembered the exact time. anyways i had a shower then went on the comp. i was on fb, and they're doing the new cover votes for the cover shot in kawaii boys&girls. so i had a look.. and one of the pictures was of this...
yeahh.. its a boy right?? WRONGGG its a girl.. i just found out and i was like OMBOMBOMB. but yeahh.. just thought id share.4

and i was also checking my email and marcus sent me this email of like thailand cannibals.. yeahh and they had my name on the back of their jackets.. i was lik OMG :O im a cannibal king man.. :/ yeah.. but it was actually pretty grotty since i was eating pasta bolognase.. they had like 20 pics of them, from a whole body, cutting out eat limb and taking the bones out, cooking then eating.. yeahh.. they even skinned and cooked the head :/ but uh yeahh//

OH. and whilst i was eating my pasta bolognase brekkie.. [yeah its like spagbol sauce but with pasta cos my mum thinks the screws are prettier (:] i was watching enchanted.. you know the disney one with mcdreamy?? (: ANYWAYS... i then i got a PING when the squirrel or the bird or something gave giselle the blue eyes.. AHA! its not prince edward she dreamed of.. but MCDREAMMYYYY :D yeahh.. then ed came in the picture with his blue eyes and i was like PFFFFT >.< but yeahh// i kinda really hate giselle at times cos its like.. DUDE you stupid?? but then i guess you gotta understand she just came outta a fairytale so she gotta be all annoying like that(:

anyways.. it's 9.44 EXACTLY now.. woo.. thats a coincidence.. im gonna go have a slice of toast.. with condensed milk, butter and a little bit of peanut butter... TRUST ME... it's WAAAAY GOOD(:


p.s. does anyone know anything by nude by nature mineral makeupp?? i heard its pretty good but i dunno...


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